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  Trophy Room Outfitters is your premier outfitter in southeastern Wyoming and is owned and operated by Johnny Bergeson.  Johnny grew up hunting and fishing in the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range mountains around Encampment Wyoming  with his family and friends.

    Before Johnny purchased Trophy Room Outfitters from Warden Patzer he hunted and guided many hunters throughout different areas of the Cowboy State.  This would include guiding hunters for Warden for several years before he had the opportunity to purchase the business from him.

    Johnny has a passion for archery, especially archery hunting elk; he operates a small pro shop in Laramie as well.  He is a certified archery technician and has been a member of the ATA (Archery Trade Association) since 2009.  This can be a benefit to the guest if they are interested in doing an archery hunt!

    He also loves to spend much of his free time in the field learning more about the areas he hunts and guides in. He will go the extra mile to make sure his guests will go away with an experience that they cannot forget!

  All of our hunts are wall tent camps. We like to provide the full outdoor western experience.  The camps are fully furnished w/ food, cots and wood stoves for heat etc.  All the hunter needs to bring is their weapon, sleeping bag, personal hygiene products and whatever else they believe they need for the next few days.  Hunts will be conducted by 4X4, ATV, on foot and on horseback.  This all depends on the area we will be hunting.  We will not hunt from a vehicle or an ATV.  These are used for travel only!


We keep our camps and meals very versatile, we will accommodate to whatever the guest needs. 

If you have a particular dietary need that is required or something that you would like to request, just let us know and we will accommodate! 

The terrain will vary depending on the type of hunt you are wanting to experience.  The hunts can be in high alpine areas at or above 10,500 feet or as low as 6,500 feet for antelope hunts.


 Trophy Room Outfitters is located in Laramie Wyoming about 45 miles west of Cheyenne Wyoming and approximately 3 hours north of Denver Colorado.


Trophy Room Outfitters specializes in having fun!


 Everyone is welcome in camp!


Call Trophy Room Outfitters @ 1-307-760-3060

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