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Hunt Prices

Trophy Room Outfitters provides the guest the best experience possible.  We have many options available to our guests-we provide fully guided hunts and DIY (Do it yourself)/Drop camp hunts for the ones that like a bit more of a challange.

Moose hunts

Trophy Room Outfitters is your premier outfitter for moose in area 38.  There is a good number of big bulls in this unit, B&C along with plenty of P&Y class.  This area is a big hunt unit, so there will be lots of miles covered on these hunts depending on the time of the hunt our guests arrive.  We will cover a lot of country using vehicles, four wheelers and on foot it just depends how far into the rut the bulls will be at the time.  We provide archery hunts and rifle hunts. The terrain consists of mountains, alpine meadows, sage brush country and is a very large unit.  There will be lots of glassing along with some calling and could be out all day.  The weather can be pleasant, snowy, rainy, cold and windy.

Price of Moose hunt:

-Application date- January 1st- February 28th

-fully guided 7 day hunt is $4700 w/ bow or rifle

-DIY 7 day drop camp/hunt is $2500

Elk Hunts

We have a high population of elk in our areas and a branch antlered bull about 280-320 can be expected.  These hunts are available for archery and rifle.  This hunt will consist of lots of calling during the rut for archery season and glassing and some calling for the rifle season.  These elk hunts can be very physically demanding.  The terrain can be very steep mountainous at most times of the hunt.  The weather can be pleasant on the early archery hunts to very cold in the later October hunts with snow, rain and wind.

The rifle hunts consist of the same as the archery hunts except the weather could be much colder and more snow.  We can accommodate what ever type of hunt you want just let us know what you are looking for and hopefully we can help.

The limited draw units are trophy management units.  The best time to hunt this is during archery season, but don't count out the rifle season.  There are some pretty nice bulls in this area.

Price of Elk Hunts:

- Application date-January 1st- January 31st

- Bow-$4000.00-7day-Sept. 1st-30th

- Rifle-$4000.00-7day-Oct. 1st-31st-depends on area

- DIY drop camp/hunt $2500.00 This is a very difficult hunt- 5 day

- Cow 2000.00 for 5 day hunt


Mule Deer Hunts

  We have a wide variety of hunts availabe to hunt mule deer.  These hunts can be in the lower sage brush country or can be in the high alpine areas of our units.  The sage brush country usually consists of spot and stock.  There are lots of canyons and draws in these units. The camps are 4X4 camps.  We will use our four wheelers to get from place to place.  We do not hunt off these machines.  Our guests can bring their own if they have one available.

These hunts are a little more flexible so we can hunt them with archery or rifle.  We can do a combo archery/rifle hunt if you desire.  The high alpine areas will be either a horse back hunt or back pack hunt.  Best times to hunt these alpine areas are during archery season.

Price of Mule Deer hunts:  Season dates vary so check with

us to be sure you apply for the correct permit!

- Application date-January 1st- March 15th

- Desert or High alpine mule deer

- Bow-$3500.00-5 day-Sept. 1st-30th

- Rifle-$3500.00- 5 day-early season-Oct 1st -14th

  Late season Oct. 15th-31st

- DIY drop camp/hunt $2500.00- 5 day

Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

  Wyoming has the highest population of Pronghorn Antelope in the nation.  Wyoming is the place to hunt Pronghorn Antelope.  There are actually more antelope than people in the state of Wyoming.   A 70-80 inch antelope should be expected.  There are B&C bucks taken out of these areas each year. These hunts consist of lots of spot and stalk. Our guests will see hundreds of animals in a day. The hunts are available for archery and rifle. Both hunts consist of spot and stalk and some times sitting in a blind. The camps are a little more relaxed than our other hunts. We will use our vehicles to travel but we do not hunt off these.  Our guests do have the option to bring their own four wheeler if they have one available. This is a good hunt to bring someone along for their first big game hunt. Weather is generally pretty nice but it can change fast and the wind is brutal at times.

Price of antelope hunts:

Application date-January 1st- March 15th

-   Bow- $2000.00- 3 day-Sept 1st-30th

-   Rifle- $2000.00- 3 day-End of Sept.-Oct 31st

-   DIY drop camp/hunt $1500.00- 3 day

It is an extra $150 a day per extra non-hunting person in camp


Youth hunts also available call for more info on these along with group and military discounts.

For more assistance on the application process please call, we are more than willing to help!

Call Trophy Room Outfitters @ 1-307-760-3060

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